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Friday, 5 March 2010

Into the Wilderness...........

So here we are, Lent is truly underway and I guess for most of us we're eagerly awaiting Easter Sunday whether it's just because we want to be able to start eating properly again or if more piously we're waiting to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Last week, I read a few of Wesley's Sermon's (yes call me sad)!! and in his sermon entitiled 'Satan's Devices' he says that when temptation comes our way, we should: 'praise God, trust God, and press on to glory!' I can't think of anything better for us to do when we're there with our saviour in the wilderness but to praise God, trust God and press on to Glory! It's in our praising of God that we remember all that he has done for us, in trusting him that we realise all he will do and by pressing onto Glory that we focus ourselves physically and mentally on our heavenly futures.
As the saying goes "the devil makes work for idol hands" so I guess, we all ought to get busy doing "kingdom business"!
So when temptaion comes and sin tries to take hold of us, we praise God, trust God and press on to Glory!
And when we fail as we sometimes will, we take ourselves to the cross and offer both our temptaions and our failures up to God in prayer.
God Bless you, this Lent!