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Friday, 17 September 2010

Mini Update!!!!!!

I got back from Douai and had the greatest time there! The monks were so human, so normal, they had none of that pious bulls*** you get from some Christians. What you saw was what you got, they were literally as one of the brothers put it "we're ordinary people trying to do an extraordinary thing". The silence, the work, the prayer all taught me things I would never have learnt elswhere. One day I had a conversation with The Abbot who was full of wisdom and truly spiritual insight shared with me some of his thoughts on the relation between Wesley and Benedict and I was totally taken back by some of his words - truly inspirational!

Results day happened and yepp I passed my A-Levels and am going to study Theology at Wesley House Cambridge, the Methodist Theological college there :)

I move in on Monday so I'm in the midst of packing, I promise to blog properly once I get set up there ohhh and YAYYYYYYYYY lol I handed in my final lot of Faith and Worship assignments so accreditation is not far off!


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